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Legend Development Services, Inc. | Hauppauge, NY

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4 Keys to Unlocking Sales Excellence in 2023

December 8th | 8:30-9:30am ET

Essential Sales/Business Development Strategies to Drive More Revenue to Your Top-Line

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Identify the factors that might effect how long you keep, attain and recapture clients and the steps to take to ensure your business grows in 2023 and beyond.

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  • Where is your overall revenue coming from?
  • What percentages of revenue are legacy clients that KEEP renewing?
  • Is your model transactional? Is there any opportunity to change that?
  • How much NEW business do you bring in by percentage?
  • Do you have a written plan to resurrect inactive clients?
  • What is your process to identify additional opportunities in your current client accounts?


Certified Sandler Coach, Rob Fishman, Partner, Sandler Long Island and Ryan Reilly, Director of Business Development, Sandler Long Island